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  • Thursday, June 11, 2015 3:33 PM | Beanne DeGuzman (Administrator)
    I love it when trends come our way.  In October, Dr. Phil Dolce of the Bergen Community College Suburban Studies Group challenged the Bergen LEADS Class of 2015 to create a conversation on Revitalizing and Reimaging the Suburban Downtown.  The Class will present the results of their research, interviews, thoughts and debates at the Public Forum on June 9th. The Bergen LEADS Public Forum always challenges my thinking and inspires me to think in new ways about the role we can each play in creating a better Bergen County.  And it never fails that the Class is exploring some cutting edge issue that has both local and national implications.

    So imagine my delight and curiosity when I saw that James Fallows of The Atlantic Magazine is writing about downtowns and whether or not they happen by accident.(

    Brian Lehrer of WNYC picked up the thread with a call in on What Makes Your Downtown Great (no Manhattanites allowed).

    So Bergen County, what makes your downtown great? Do great downtowns happen by accident or are they planned? What is the future of Suburban Downtowns?

    One thing we know, whatever the future of suburban downtowns it will be invented in Bergen County.

    Check out the national discussion James Fallows is generating and then join us for the Bergen LEADS Class of 2015 Public Forum on Tuesday June 9th, 2:30-4:30 at the Ciccione Theater of Bergen Community College.

     Lynne Algrant, CEO, Volunteer Center of Bergen County

  • Thursday, June 11, 2015 3:27 PM | Beanne DeGuzman (Administrator)
    Today's Teens Are Tomorrow's Leaders

    Regarding "Getting a different view from Tenafly teenagers" (Page L-6, June 6):

    "Once I am of age, I will never miss the opportunity to vote at every local election. It is a privilege that should not be missed."

    These are the words of Ridgewood High student Isabelle Stern, who participated in Teen LEADS, a civic leadership program for teens.

    The article refers to this program, which was developed by the Volunteer Center of Bergen County and is based on our highly regarded leadership program for adults, Bergen LEADS.

    Teen LEADS is presented through schools as an extracurricular activity or in conjunction with an elective course, and it is currently offered at Ridgewood and Tenafly high schools. Teens are given the opportunity to explore, in-depth and experientially, the inner workings of local public policy while also discovering and developing their own leadership styles.

    In Ridgewood, Teen LEADS participants delved deep into issues of health care, municipal government, education and environmental issues, compiling and analyzing data, meeting with local leaders and policy makers and working together tnot only to identify problems, but to provide real solutions.

    Teen LEADS empowers our youth to be the informed, inspired leaders we will need and depend on to be stewards of our future. As a community, we should be proud of — and pay attention to — our youth, who have the interest, ability and fresh perspective to make public policy happen.

    Lynne Algrant, CEO, Volunteer Center of Bergen County

  • Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1:56 PM | Beanne DeGuzman (Administrator)

    At the May 30th Fifth Friday Forum, Eli Amdur provoked audience members to dream up 2050 and question what skills we will need to adapt to a future without cancer, AIDS, oil, and passwords and with bridges that repair themselves and cars that drive themselves. He stressed the importance of right brained thinking in a left brain world. Amdur’s Axiom: “Creativity is the ONLY sustainable asset.” If you missed the Fifth Friday Forum: Where Bergen County Meets you can check out the TEDx video to see what Eli’s view of the future holds!

    For more inspiring talks, learning, and networking, come to the Fifth Friday Forum: Where Bergen County Meets on October 31st, 2014, 11:30am-2pm at Stony Hill Inn, Hackensack.

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