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BL Tell us what you do for a living.

I am a self-employed management consultant.  I specialize in: Business, Operations, Technology reviews; Application of Six Sigma techniques/business process redesign; Project Design, Management, Implementation; Change Management, and Organizational Restructuring.

BL Tell us what you do for fun.

For fun, I love to travel, cook ,read mysteries and go to the theater.  I also love the activities that I do for the community.

BL What is your favorite Bergen LEADS memory?


When we brought a person in a gorilla suit onto the stage (denoting home rule as the "gorilla in the room") for our presentation on the future of local government - it was a hoot!
And, of course all of the evenings at Biaggio's!


BL What was your biggest takeaway from your Bergen LEADS year?


I became passionate about continuing to think global but beginning to act  local.  I truly began to understand the power of citizens getting involved in their community at a local level. 

BL How has your experience in Bergen LEADS impacted your life, personally and/or professionally?


LEADS literally changed my life.  After 30 years in the financial arena, I changed my focus to giving back and trying to make a difference in the community.  As a result, I am a Vice President on both the Volunteer Center and Education Foundation Boards.  I am the Vice Chair of the Ridgewood Financial Advisory Committee.  I am on the Board of the Ridgewood Historical Society and co-curated an exhibit this year that looks at diversity, innovation and liberty in Ridgewood and its environs.  And, most importantly, I have been working on an effort to bring Teen LEADS to Ridgewood High School.  I thoroughly enjoy what I do and many times am conflicted when I need to step away for a consulting assignment.

BL If you were talking to someone who was thinking about applying to Bergen LEADS, what would you tell him/her?


I would tell them that it is an amazing learning experience from a variety of perspectives.  Besides learning about Bergen County, you also explore your leadership style and in what venue you can apply your leadership skills.  The number of new and interesting friends and acquaintances that you meet and the resultant network is fulfilling.  The seminars are interesting, the leadership of the program is unparalleled and the discussion within a supportive/respectful environment can lead one to a better thought process and a more open and textured view of issues.


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